Project Profiles

Take a look at some of the inspiring design projects created with Scuffmaster

Whether its a hospitality, healthcare, corporate, education or retail space, it’s going to see a lot of people traffic and it’s going to need a paint that can stand up to it all. Scuffmaster is the perfect match for these types of spaces and more. Take a look through our project profiles for inspiration and testimonials from folks just like you.

Elsewarehouse – Minneapolis, MN

This lovely, mixed-used building in the heart of Minneapolis’ vibrant North Loop neighborhood is home to restaurants, shops, a salon, and new upscale lofts. It's sees a lot of people traffic. The corridors and common areas of the building provided a great test for Scuffmaster; one side was painted in our freakishly strong Armor finish while the other side was painted with store-bought residential paint. Both sides looked great when they went up, but after a scant 90 days, the regular paint is looking rough and in desperate need ofa costly makeover. Watch the video to see for yourself!

Radisson BLU, Mall of America

With its progressive, design forward look featuring lots of local flair, the new Radisson BLU hotel at the Mall of America (practically in Scuffmaster’s own backyard) is attracting a lot of guest and attention. Situated perfectly to service visitors to the MOA and travelers from the nearby MSP International Airport, the new Radisson BLU’s 500 upscale rooms are designed to keep you comfy whether you are there on business of pleasure. Lots of guests, always booked, no time for maintenance. With that in mind, the designer's obvious choice was Scuffmaster paint!

Overlook Cafe – University of Nevada Reno

The Overlook Cafe is designed with an environmental theme. Mojra Hauenstein of the architecture firm Arka Blue created this striking space to improve both air quality and energy use and to promote environmental stewardship. Each column of the cafe was turned into a tree featuring messages explaining how trees sustain the health of our environment. Light shelves redirect sun deep into the space where photosensors adjust the lighting accordingly. All materials used in the remodel are low emitting. Scuffmaster paints were selected not only for their durability in such high traffic/areas, but also for their low VOC content.

McDaniel College

The walls at every college in the nation are going to see a lot of daily wear and tear. Nowhere is the abuse going to be dished out more than in the dining halls and common areas. At McDaniel College in Westminster Maryland, Marshal Craft Associates planned ahead and had the entire space coated with ScrubTough.

Carousel Center, New York

Major Shopping malls like New York's Carousel Center face an interesting challenge. They frequently need to repaint their facilities due to all the traffic but because there's so much traffic, there's no time to repaint! This usually means having to perform costly after-hours repaints. Instead, they chose to use ScrubTough, now those marks from everyday traffic can be easily cleaned from the walls and there's less need for costly repaints and touch-ups.

Applebee's Restaurants

When Applebee's was looking for a creative way to renovate the restrooms of their nationwide chain of restaurants they found a perfect partner in Scuffmaster. Faced with a choice between costly removal and replacement of the old ceramic tile in their facilities or simply updating the tile with Scufmaster's great looking, long lasting rollable metallic paint, the choice was easy. Looking good, guys!

Azure West Salon

Azure West, a Shu Uemura salon, was looking to give their upscale establishment an airy, light-filled feeling. Scuffmaster's Smooth Pearl finish proved to be a perfect choice. Using Smooth Pearl throughout the salon, and on the ceilings in particular, keeps the light moving through the space adds a soft glow to light and dark colors alike.

Butler Schein Health

For the Butler Schein Health project, Carney Ranker Architects used ScrubTough to highlight feature walls and soffits and Envirometal was used to give a facelift to the existing metal handrails.

AOL Company Store

With an ambitious time frame of only 4 weeks, DBI Architects was able to completely transform AOL's company store, from a dated, lackluster space into a cutting edge, contemporary shop.

Emerson One

Developed by Ryan Commercial LLC and Emory Properties LLC

This stunning, LEED Gold certified building features all three of Scuffmaster's "Pretty" finishes. Inside Out Designs of Baltimore Maryland pulled out all the stops in making Emerson One's lobby and public space a perfect balance of classic good looks and environmental responsibility.

Photography by Patrick Henderson

National Corvette Museum

Boring old flat paint was never going to cut it for a the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. Classic muscle cars and sleek super cars just don't go well alongside "Dusty Beige" and "Antique White." Instead, Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects chose to brush on Scuffmaster's EnviroMetal finish to give the museum an energetic, modern look worthy of the Corvette name.

Junior's Cheesecake, Foxwoods Resort & Casino

Junior's Restaurant is a Brooklyn, NY landmark offering New York comfort food and world famous cheesecake. Junior's recently opened a new location inside the Foxwoods Resort and Casino, one of the largest gaming casinos in the world. Junior's used two colors of Scuffmaster's EnviroMetal finish to make this new location feel right at home amidst its luxurious surroundings.

Malibu Kahlua

Rich, creamy, distinct, perfect for a ton of occasions. For once I'm not talking about Scuffmaster, I'm talking about Kahlua! When the makers of this delightful liqueur were looking to renovate their corporate headquarters they teamed up with the legendary Perkins Eastman. The walls at Malibu Kahlua's headquarters are now as silky smooth as their tradmark drink thanks to Perkins Eastman's decision to use Smooth Pearl from Scuffmaster. Cheers!

Raleigh Pediatrics

ScrubTough was a natural choice for the new Raleigh Pediatric Center. Scrubtough's low odor, low VOC polyurethane formula is a great fit for any space that needs a low emitting finish that's built to last.

Sky Ute Casino

For paint, the stakes are pretty hight at any casino. It needs to look sophisticated but it had better be able to handle people traffic too. The designers at Leo A Daly bet on Solid Metal and the results look like a million bucks.

Jazmine Restaurant

Mojra Hauenstein of the architecture firm Arka Blue brought her unique vision to the design of Jazmine restaurant. Using the full Scuffmaster line of finishes, Mojra gave Jamine Restaurant a palette every bit a dazzling as their award winning fusion menu.

Excel Energy Center

The Xcel Energy Center is home to the Minnesota Wild and hosts more than 140 entertainment events annually. The arena features an innovative, state-of-the-art design with wide, fan friendly concourses offering a view of the ice. The Armor finish used in all of the concourse areas was custom-matched, delivered and installed in a short time frame for the facility's high profile Grand Opening

Cisco Systems, Customer Briefing Center

High tech goes hand-in-hand with a high class finish like Solid Metal. MC2, a leader in integrated marketing programs for events and custom trade show designs, paired Solid Metal with modern wallcoverings and dynamic shapes to create a gorgeous showcase for Cisco's innovative products.

Civic Opera House

The Civic Opera House is one of Chicago's historic landmarks and among the world's most beautiful buildings. Solid Metal is right at home in this hybrid of Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs.

Floyd Primary Care

Hospitals and clinics are very demanding environments. The interiors of these spaces need to look clean and inviting and they need to endure lots of traffic from people, wheelchairs, rolling carts and beds. Scuffmaster finishes are a great match for these spaces. Their off-the-chart durabiltiy, great colors and easy cleanability mean less repainting and less disruption to the patients and staff.

H2 Capital Headquarters

The shimmering, pearlescent effect of Smooth Pearl adds a depth and brightness to interior spaces that cannot be matched even with the brightest white standard interior paints. If clean, modern whites are your thing, give Smooth Pearl a try, you'll love the difference it makes

Hospitality Hotel, Philadelphia

Looking to bring a little shimmer to it's lobby, the Hospitality Hotel in Philadelphia chose to have Scuffmaster's EnviroMetal finish rolled onto the elevator doors. Not only does EnviroMetal look great, it's one of the few paints that has the strength to hold up well in a demanding setting like this one!

Hughes Center

Surrounded by luxury condominiums and trendy restaurants, the Hughes Center is one of Las Vegas Nevada's premier office towers. When high-traffic areas like this need a high class finish, architects know to turn to Scuffmaster. The Hughes Center uses a mix of SrcubTough and EnviroMetal for its public spaces and the results are stunning.

Ignacio Hotel

When the Lawrence Group was put in charge of converting an old warehouse into a gorgeous, modern hotel, they wanted to make it sleek and inviting but also retain some of the charm of the old structure. They had the exposed brick in all of the guest rooms coated with Scuffmaster's Solid Metal finish and to create an open, airy feeling, they coated the brick in the lobby and public areas with a bright coat of Smooth Pearl.

Center For Advanced Pediatrics

When its gotta be tough but it also needs to be safe, there's no better choice than ScrubTough and the people at the Center for Advanced Pediatric know that. They chose ScrubTough throughout their facility because they care about their patients and they wanted a low VOC product that wouldn't need constant repainting and touch-up.

Indiana University

Believe me, you do NOT want to repaint a ceiling like that on a regular basis. For big complicated jobs like the auditorium at Bloomington's Indiana State university it pays to do it right the first time. They went with Smooth Pearl and Solid Metal to make sure that the job not only looked great, but that it would last.